Why Choose Us

Updating ourselves over the years and not remaining firm on the initial ideas has led us to improve ourselves in organisation, production, automation and packaging. In fact, today we are one of the most significant milling companies and one of the main national producers of flour, intended for final and professional consumption, packaged both under our own brand and under the banner of the main distribution chains.

We have always tried to meet the needs of the market and consumers, creating not only quality flours but also various other food products such as powdered preparations, yeasts, creams, mixes for bakery products, gluten-free products and much more. The origin of our products is certified and each stage of processing is controlled to offer a quality product. We have also obtained international awards that certify the efforts of our organization.

Our products are aimed at a wide audience: from the housewife or the cooking enthusiast who wants to experiment in their own home, to the professional pizza chef or baker who uses our flours in his laboratory. In both cases the result will be guaranteed. We have focused heavily on consumer trust and have met many important customers over time, who are still loyal today.

Finally, we are also very keen on the issue of sustainability, in fact, we have reduced consumption thanks to the use of renewable energy sources and we transport raw materials by train with electricity, to remove hundreds of polluting trucks from the roads.


1.Safety and quality

2.Total tracking and tracing of products

3.Automatic adjustment of machines