What they say about us

The company was founded in 1955 in the Cuneo countryside, when the Chiavazza brothers took over the management of an old mill that had been purchased by their father in 1936. For over 50 years, the company has been producing and packaging soft wheat flours, intended for domestic consumption and professional. Always looking for new innovative solutions, thanks to the attempts made over time, successful experiments and failed experiments, they have managed to get to what they are today.

Between the sixties and the nineties the technologies underwent various changes and innovations and the company also decided to expand its production capacities. The demand for semolina increased more and more and with the birth of the first supermarkets, new opportunities opened up for the brand. Despite the social crisis that developed in the 70s, the company managed to resist and continue to establish itself on the market.

Over the years they have had to change machinery, packaging and upgrade production facilities. With the arrival of the 90s, large-scale distribution gained more and more ground, making the market very competitive. For this reason, different strategies have been adopted, to differentiate themselves and be more productive. In fact, at the end of these years, everything was staked on the brand by investing in new formats and improving the service offered to the consumer.

The reality Molino Chiavazza born small, today is a leader in the flour market for professionals such as bakers and pizza makers, but also for those who love to cook delicious foods in their own home kitchen.


Pasquale Scapolla

“Good evening… I’m a consumer and first reseller of your flours that I buy at the so ge gross in Genoa. The instant polenta has always been excellent… Always excellent.”

Domenico Arati

A company that has its industrial verb in quality. Well done, continue on this path and you will always be chosen by new customers.“​


1.Safety and quality

2.Total tracking and tracing of products

3.Automatic adjustment of machines