paneThe company is flexible, ready to satisfy and to anticipate the applications the market demands.

It has two productive establishments: one in Casalgrasso, in the province of Cuneo, where it produces and manufactures soft wheat flours and one in Pancalieri, in the province of Turin, where flours, bran, corn semolina and different alimentary specialties are manufactured.


Strongly of the matured experience, the company has expanded its product range in 2007 by creating a line of preparation for cakes, custards and puddings “Dolce Mondo Antico” and in 2010 the line of preparation for bread “Forno di Casa Mia”. The increasing attention to the quality, logistics and organization allowed to collect the confidence of major customers.

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signor-chiavazzaToday the Molino Chiavazza is one of the most significant milling companies and a leading producer in Italy of flours destined for final consumption or professional use, packaged with own or private label. With the disappearance of Bartolomeo Chiavazza in April 2009, the position of president of the society is now covered by his brother co-founder Giuseppe Chiavazza.


Pasquale Scapolla

“Good evening… I’m a consumer and first reseller of your flours that I buy at the so ge gross in Genoa. The instant polenta has always been excellent… Always excellent.”

Domenico Arati

A company that has its industrial verb in quality. Well done, continue on this path and you will always be chosen by new customers.“​


1.Safety and quality

2.Total tracking and tracing of products

3.Automatic adjustment of machines