First Courses

Spinach ravioli with salmon and ricotta

First Courses


1 hour

4 season

The fresh past is one of the most entrenched traditions in Italian cuisine, which has never lost its charm and warmth.

To the classic noodles, lasagna, tajarin and ravioli, we want to offer you this time a quick and tasty alternative: egg pasta ravioli with fresh spinach and with a very simple but rich filling: smoked salmon and ricotta.


200 g. mix for fresh pasta Molino Chiavazza
2 eggs
40 g. boiled and squeezed spinach
A pinch of salt
For the filling:
150 g. well drained cow ricotta
50 g. smoked salmon


Finely chop the spinach, already boiled and squeezed. Knead them with the mix for fresh pasta, the eggs and the salt, until you obtain a smooth and elastic ball.
Wrap it in a food film and let it rest for ½ of hour.

Chop the smoked salmon and amalgamate it with ricotta.

With the rolling pin or pasta machine pull the pastry until a thickness of 1 millimetre. Cut strips and arrange the filling with small spaced piles. Cover with another strip of pastry, get out all the air and seal well the edges . Cut the ravioli with a pasta wheel.

This operation can also be made with a “raviolatore”, a special mold of circular shape.

Boil in hot water for some minutes and serve with a seasoning that you like. We suggest only good extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of chopped pink pepper.

Spinach ravioli with salmon and ricotta