Puddings and Creams

Chocolate cream with milk and mint jelly

Puddings and Creams


about 30 min.


A very fast, colorful and summery dessert.

Milk and mint are a fresh and refreshing drink. In a “pudding” version it perfectly matches with a chocolate cream. Seeing is believing.


For mint jelly:
170 g. milk
80 g. mint syrup
7 g. gelatin sheets
For the chocolate cream:
1 bag of Molino Chiavazza chocolate pudding (90 g)
500 ml of milk at room temperature


Prepare the jelly mint.
Weigh the gelatin sheets and soak them in cold water to soften.
In a saucepan heat the milk and the mint syrup. When simmering squeeze the gelatin well and add it to the milk and mint, stirring well for a couple of minutes.
Turn off the heat, let it cool and pour into cups or molds.
Put it in the fridge to firm.

When the gelatin is ready, begin preparing the chocolate cream. Follow the instructions on the pudding box: pour the contents of a bag into a saucepan, add milk slowly and mix well with a whip, being careful   not to create lumps.
Put on the fire and lead to ebolition. Boil for two minutes continuing to stir and turn off the heat. Cool the pudding by stirring it often, this way you will obtain a tasty and consistent chocolate cream, whose consistency will well match with the more solid consistency of milk and mint, creating a pleasant detachment.

When it will be almost cold, pour the chocolate cream on the mint gelatin and put in the fridge for a few hours.

Chocolate cream with milk and mint jelly

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