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Hazelnuts donut

Cakes and cookies


1 hour

4 season

The hazelnuts donut is a typical cake in Piedmont, land of the famous “Tonde Gentili”.

A rustic, but perfect cake for every occasion, from breakfast to diner (as dessert, maybe served with a cast of good dark chocolate), the scent of hazelnuts will conquer you.


200g. toasted hazelnuts Piemonte IGP
100 g. Mix of soft wheat flour and corn starch Molino F.lli Chiavazza
150 g. granulated sugar
3 eggs
140 g. soft butter
1 sachet of vanilla baking powder Molino F.lli Chiavazza
Icing sugar to garnish


Finely chop in the mixer the hazelnuts with a tablespoon of sugar (taken from the total weight – 150 g). In a bowl beat the eggs with the remaining sugar until you a obtain a puffed and foamy mixture. Join the mix of soft wheat flour and corn starch, the vanilla baking powder, soft butter and knead, finally add chopped hazelnuts.
Pour the dough in a buttered donut mold (about 24/26 cm of diameter) and bake in static oven at 180°C (already hot). Cook for 40-45 minutes, doing the “stick test” before churning out. Let it cool and sprinkle with icing sugar.