Wholemeal soft wheat flour – BIO

Proper for the main destinations of professional utilisations and of home cooking. It could be utilized like basis flour into home preparations that don’t need of particular mode of kneading or long times of leavening, in particular wholemeal bread, pizza, bun.

The products obtained using wholemeal wheat flour have a traditional and rustic aspect, scent and flavour.


The wholemeal soft wheat flour:

  • is obtained by the milling of selected national wheat
  • is different from the type 0 and 00 because of a lower level of refining
  • contains an high part of bran. The alimentary fibre contained in the bran, helps intestinal peristalsis and quickly satisfies appetite
  • is obtained from wheat characterized by a medium force (W= 180-200) with qualities to guarantee an equilibrate cycle of production.


The wholemeal wheat flour is available with packets of 500 g for an home use.