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Wheat germe

It is good to eat germ regularly. Germ is a versatile product and may be consumed by adding a table spoon in milk, yoghurt, salads, soups or cooked vegetables.

It could be used like ingredient in several recipes and in particular in baking: added in 5 % dough of bread, pizza and cakes helps the levitation and give a natural taste to the bakery products. A little spoon added to 100 g of “ricotta” could became a good dessert to eat fresh, eventually with chocolate or fruits. It could be also used to season “spaghetti” added a piece of butter or some olive oil.


Wheat germ contained in this packet is a wholly natural product, lightly toasted and ready-to-eat. The germ is the smallest part of the seed, but it is the portion of the organism capable of becoming a new one. For this reason it is rich in nutritional substances, enzyme and vitamins. It is produced by milling only highly selected wheat. Additives-free.