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Soft wheat flour “0” – MANITOBA

The Manitoba is perfect for the preparation of oven products (croissant, krapfen, plum-cakes, cakes), pizza and bun with natural leavening.

The flour MANITOBA, alone or mixed with others flours, allows to:

  • to increase absorption;
  • to increase the yield in bread making;
  • to increase the time of the works on the paste and in particular the leavening;
  • to obtain a product with higher quality;
  • give a higher fragrance to the products.


The soft wheat flour MANITOBA is obtained from the milling of selected wheat with high force characterized by an high water absorption determined by an high quantity of proteins.
The Manitoba is able to supporting long times of the paste leavening, variable according to the ambient temperature and of the quantity of the yeast.


Soft wheat flour Manitoba is available with packets of 1 kg for an home use and in packs of 5 et 25 kg for a professional use.