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Instant gelatin powder

Instant gelatin powder, 100% natural, is a modern and professional alternative to gelatin sheets: it is possible to realize dishes with doses to effect gelation desired, excellent results in quality and gain of time. Easy to use and dose. To prepare savory dishes, paté, aspic, pies and desserts.


To perfume and give more flavor to the jelly, it is possible to add in meats, fish and vegetables dishes, a little of lemon juice or vinegar, while in sweet recipe it is possible to add orange juice, sweet wines like Moscato or liquor type Cherry. Gelatin, being odorless and tasteless, enhances the features of the recipes to which is added and gives an unmistakable texture.


The packaging consists of a little pack of 20 g that corresponds to 8 sheets of gelatin and allows you to prepare at least a pint of jelly. A teaspoon of instant gelatin powder corresponds to a traditional gelatin sheet.